Is a monobrow the next big thing? Maybe I’ll start growing…

Yep, I grew up in the times of the skinny eyebrow. So here I am left with these little hooks on my face. Doing nothing for my features, just sat there sad needing some love and for me to stop messing with them.

So what’s the solution?

Leave them, don’t pluck them don’t do ANYTHING.

For how long?

In my mind I was thinking maybe 3 months, this is because they’ve always been quite slow at growing back.

In reality…

One year. Yep. Here I am a year on and they have definitely grown, but not necessarily a huge amount in the places I need them. I admit a couple of times I did reach for the tweezers but that was just to save me from looking completely disheveled. Maybe I should have left them and set the trend of the mono?

Now what?

I decided to go for the HD brow (high definition). I know friends that have had it and they recommended it, so that’s what I went for. HD brows was a huge craze about a year ago. So you might say I’m behind the times but I really didn’t have enough brow for the beautician to play with!

What do they do?

The question is more of what don’t they do! It involves everything from tinting, shaping, waxing, plucking, threading to brow makeup.

How was it?

I was petrified, I could feel her removing all my precious little hairs that I’d been growing for so long. I didn’t want to come out with the brows I had last year! I had to put my trust in her and just let her do her job, after all she was a brow specialist.

I managed to grab a quick selfie when I had the dye on my brows…



The result

I tentatively looked in the mirror and was actually amazed, she changed the shape of my little hooks and they looked the best they’ve ever been! Thank you HD brows, I love them. Girls you won’t regret it, you’ll wish you put those tweezers down a long time ago!



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